Youth from the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Romania, Netherlands and Spain will come together to discuss the ways in which grassroots movements and environmental activism manifests in their own countries in dynamic and inspiring ways. There will be an open discussion that explores the different challenges and opportunities for the European transition to a more sustainable society. We will harvest major trends as seen by youth and hear their ideas for more potent strategies to make change for a better future.

Medverkande: Sophie Hurford, Student, Sussex, UK; Riccardo Andrea Emanuele, Activist, NextGEN youth movement, Italy; Galy Gueniffey, Community Member, Los Portales Ecovillage, Spain; Chloe Watson, Resident/Co-worker, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland; Marta Boneta, Architect, Univ Navarra, Spain

Plats: MP kansliet, Adelsgatan 41, Visby

Datum: 3 juli, 2017

Tid: 10:00 - 12:00

Arrangörer: , ,

Ämnen: Barn och unga, Civilsamhället, Hållbar utveckling

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