Whereas traditional engineering continues to be important, green infrastructure and ecosystem based solutions are increasingly acknowledged as essential for climate adaptation. Providing room for floods, integrating flood management with drought management, remuneration for water retention and changed livelihood opportunities are some of the interesting aspects linked to the topic. During this seminar, the SLU researchers Katarina Kyllmar (Department of Soil and Environment) and Anders Folkesson (Department of Landscape Architecture) will provide an interesting backdrop with their insights on water retention and management in the agricultural landscape and storm water management in cities. During the discussion we will jointly explore what we know today and what knowledge is needed to improve flood risk management in the future.

Plats: SLU, Almas allé 8, Uppsala

Datum: 26 april, 2018

Tid: 12:00 - 13:00


Ämnen: Hållbar utveckling, Vatten

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