Teaching International Relations has been a challenge as the “long postwar peace” made war a distant phenomenon, only occasionally brought to our attention by the media. In this seminar, Professor Akitoshi Miyashita shares his experience in taking his students to a field study in Okinawa. A site for one of the bloodiest battles during the Pacific War, this small chain of islands in southwestern Japan is a home for 26,000 American troops prepared to be deployed to places like the Korean peninsula and the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean and the Middle East in support of contingency operations. A field study in Okinawa brings a fresh perspective to students by making them realize that the issue of war and peace is not just a conceptual construction but a matter of life and death.

Akitoshi Miyashita is Professor of International Relations at Tokyo International University. He is the author of Limits to Power: Asymmetric Dependence and Japanese Foreign Aid Policy (Lexington Books, 2003) and Handbook on Japanese Postwar Diplomatic Relations (Minerva Shobo, 2017).

Moderator: Linus Hagström, Senior Research Fellow at UI and Professor of Political Science at the Swedish Defence University.

Plats: Lejonsköldska salen, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Drottning Kristinas väg 37, Stockholm

Datum: 11 december, 2017

Tid: 13:00 - 14:30


Ämnen: Fred och säkerhet, Japan

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